Ice Hockey WA is the peak-body for the sport of ice hockey in Western Australia. A member of Ice Hockey Australia Ltd the national sporting organisation, we provide state-based elite competitions for our members and participants to play in and are proud of the talent and skill that has been produced in WA.

Our Story

Originally founded in 1963 and going from strength to strength leading up to our penultimate season in 2021.

2021 saw IHWA have three junior age divisions and five senior divisions. Despite COVID-19 and the heavily restricted ice times at facilities available to them, IHWA managed to have their best season on record. With a total of 415 regular season matches and 26 play-off matches played across 27 weeks. All of IHWA’s scheduled matches ran Friday nights and early hours of Saturday to late Sunday evening. Despite these challenges, due to COVID-19 restrictions around the world, ice hockey in WA was, at one point, the only sanctioned league playing elite level hockey and thus was the most watched ice hockey league in the world.

IHWA have 914 current members ranging in ages from 5 years old to 79 years old. The age range of 10-49 represents 88% of the current membership base. We are dedicated to the promotion and betterment of our sport and the continuous improvement of our governance, communication and services that we provide to our community.

IHWA Governing Documents

In-line with Ice Hockey WA’s open and transparent communication goal, listed below are documents used by the Council to manage and govern the association and its members. In order to improve the Council’s decision-making and provide clarity to members on its processes, the Council Handbook is provided for any member or participant who wishes to understand the obligations, roles and responsibilities of the council. 

IHWA Executive Council Members

Sydney Fricker


Sydney started playing Ice Hockey in 2015 she has a breadth of knowledge and experience as a player, coach and referee. Sydney has been active in a number of roles through IHWA and stepped up to the role of President in 2022.

She is a passionate and dedicated leader and wants to see Ice Hockey grow within Western Australia. Alongside being a long standing coach within IHWA, Sydney is extremely knowledgeable on the mechanics of player development and performance.

She holds a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science (Minor in Human Performance) and a Masters in Strength and conditioning. She is currently studying an undergraduate degree in Psychology at Edith Cowan Universtiy.

Alicia Kelly

Vice President

Alicia started playing as a junior goalkeeper in 1996. She took a break from Ice Hockey for a few years to travel, study and raise a family. She rejoined Ice Hockey WA in 2014 as a player for the Hawks Ice Hockey Club and has been a member since the club started. 

Alicia has a post-graduate degree in public sector management and brings substantial knowledge and expertise of business, marketing, risk management, strategic and operational direction is an executive manager within the Commonwealth government.

She is passionate about all things Ice Hockey and has been the National Teams Manager for Ice Hockey Australia Women’s team since 2019.

Deon Shearer


Deon has been involved in Ice Hockey WA for nearly a decade. She is a dedicated and effective leader and a valuable asset to the IHWA Council. She has been the Secretary of IHWA for 5 years and has an extraordinary knowledge of the operational requirements of running the IHWA Winter League.

Deon has two children who play in the junior competition IHWA Winter League. Deon has had a vast experience in the administrative and operational domain and continues to work tirelessly to ensure the competition and association runs smoothly and effectively.

Vacant Position


Currently Vacant