Blackhawks vs Icehawks 18U

A strong display of skill and talent has been show by a number of players over the last few weeks, with the Ice Hockey WA Junior Competition Winter League finals being battled out by teams. It has been a hard fought battle all season with many teams having to deal with significant disruption due to COVID isolation of players. However, the season marched on and we find ourselves now close in the final stages (excuse the pun) of the season.

Semi Finals

Junior League


The first upset of the semi finals came in the 11Us having a massive upset with the Blackhawks (who hadn’t won a game all season) pulling together to beat the Whitehawks who were minor premiers and undefeated all season with a score of 4-2 to advance straight through to the grand final. The 11Us Flyers vs Icehawks game went through overtime and into a penalty shootout with the Flyers taking down the shoot out with a final match score of 4-3.


The 13Us semi finals were played on the 4th of September with an enthusiastic showing from Lightning against Blackhawks with a score of X-X to see Lightning advance straight to the grand final. The Whitehawks vs Flyers game was a true thriller with Whitehawks narrowly taking the win for the game with a score of X-X.


The 15Us semi finals match of the weekend was the Icehawks vs Redhawks, a thrilling display of skill by the up and coming players for Senior League, Icehawks won with a final score of 5-3 seeing them advance straight through to the grand final. The Flyers vs Lightning game saw a number of players battling it out for a spot in the bronze medal match. Flyers beat Lightning with a score of 3-2 in a very close finish, seeing them move on to the bronze medal match against Redhawks.


In the 18Us Flyers Orange vs Blackhawks saw a dominate but close game ending in 3-2 in the Flyers favour seeing them advance to the grand final, While Flyers Blue vs Icehawks saw an exquisite display of Ice Hockey from the talented juniors with a score of 7-3 to Flyers Blue seeing them secure themselves a spot in the fight for bronze.